Writers block

Don't really know what kind of post to make today so I'm just gonna throw in two gorgeous pictures of Plus size model Ashley Graham! Love these, I wish I had that shape, I would hang up her pictures on my wall as inspiration if and when I start working out, haha, I WILL, soon....I haven't been working out in many years now, I've lost count, and that to me doesn't say much good things about my body and health. 
After working out, you always feel good about yourself, happy! you feel fresh and filled with new energy you didn't know you had, I want that feeling! So, I guess (big surprise, not. lol) my new year resolution should be to excerise more and often, put it in my weekely schedule. :)


Anonymous said…
She is really pretty :)
ZtorZillen said…
Vilken storlek måste man ha för att vara plus size? Kan inte vara mycket, va?
Kristel Knows said…
Nej tyvärr inte mycket. Plus size enligt "mode-industrin" tror jag skulle säga att det börjar vid en storlek 44-46 och uppåt, det är iallafall vart de flesta "plus size" klädes märken börjar sina storlekar. Jag är personligen en storlek 48 i byxor tex, och jag kan oftast bara hitta byxor åt mig själv i den störra avdelningen av kläd butiken.

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