Yellow tones

So Yellow is one of the colors "trending" this spring season, so I looked around our "plus size" online stores and searched for yellow wonders, and here are some I found that I liked, hands down ASOS Curve seems to really know what the're doing, lots of yellow cute and edge dresses going on, Kudos!
Yellow isn't my favorite color, but I like the intesitive it gives, it's an eye-poping color. What are your thoughts about it?
Thanks for reading, hope you have a lovely weekend!


Unknown said…
I'm fond of wearing yellow but usually paired with other colors or patterns, especially black and grey stripes! My boyfriend HATES the color yellow but I find it lovely on a lot of skintones. I hope you have a great weekend.

Anonymous said…
actually i don't like yellow but i like this tone of yellow
and i like the first dress very nice couple :))
Anonymous said…
I totally wanted that same dress from F21!
Love it!


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Unknown said…
want everything!Yellow is my fave colour so no surprises there.

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