The Faces

7 facts:
1. I love shoes, I currently own about 40 pairs of heels, boots, flats, wedges, name it. Can you understand how HARD it is to chose to the shoes I want to bring with me to the States, I'm cutting it down to like 10 pairs. keel me.
2. I'm a proud half Swede and half Pinay. But I feel a 100% Swedish, I AM very "Swedish", but when I remind myself that I'm a mix, I'm happy I am. It adds flavor to my ethnicity. However, just because I look very much like my Swedish father people think I'm Latina. One customer at work was calling for me trying to get my attention, like, "Ey! you, latina, Chilean!" funny think I reacted at once! I'm so used to hearing that.
 3. I still live at home with my mother and her new turkish boyfriend who's 27 years old. *awkward stare* imagine...he wants me out of the house just as much as I wanna get the hell out of there. wow. 
4. I'm super sensative, when people tell their sad/inspiring stories on TV and their voice is trembling, my eyes always water. For example, It doesn't matter how much I dislike that host for Extreme home make-over, I always cry at the end out of joy for the families, and for the "secret projects" that guy does. jeez. I'm such a softie.
5. I just took a leave from my current full-time job as an assistant manager at max hamburgerrestaurang. I like the job a lot, it's helped me grow so much as a person. It has taught me to be a leader. A dream job would be to work at Wendy's when I move to the US. haha!
6. Just a couple of weeks ago I weighed 103 kg, that's when I started counting calories to lose those extra KG's I've put on, and now I weigh 98 KG, I'm determind to lose more...With my lenght and weight I have a BMI of OBESE. crazy!
7. My boyfriend and I are like Yin and Yang. We compliment eachother well, I clean up his mess and he helps me calculate important things in life. Today it's Valentines Day but we have yet never spent that day together in the 3 years we've been together. *sad*
 Thanks for reading.
Post inspired by honeysuckelle.


Marian said…
Second picture it's so funny! Can't wait you to move to USA and tell us your living over there! xx
Anonymous said…
U have great blog! how tall are you ? (:
LOOOOL you are hilarious, loved the pictures :)

Why do you have to choose between your shoes? it's like losing a part of your personality! just ship it to the US when you move!

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