Farwell party

Denim shorts from Forever21 plus size, Belt from HM, Stockings from Lindex, Strapless top from HM, Waterfall cardigan from Åhléns, Cross earring from Ebay.

The other day me and some current and old co-workers/friends got together to bid me farwell, lol. (not all are on the pics, we were a few more) It was really really nice, it's always nice when you get to hang out with lots of your friends at the same time. It isn't always easy to put together. :) So just wanted to share some pics from that night, as well as give you all a few "embarrasing" pics of me as well, lol, enjoy...it's on me.
Thanks for reading! *mwah!*


xcookie said…
Nice outfit :) I really like your hair <3
Ontheqtrain said…
I need those tights!

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