I'm insured!

Find this All state insurance commercial funny. Just had to share.

So Just got off the phone with my bank and now I have insurance for when I move to the States. In Sweden I'm safe, we have low hospital fees, I have full coverage on my car, and since I live at home I'm included in our "Home insurance". But when I move, I have nothing. Scary. I know Hospital fees are through the roof and just the thought of having to (I pray I don't) go to the emergency because I'm hurt or sick and having to pay loads of money is a daunting feeling.
560 USD (somewhat, converted from Swedish Krona) I have to pay for the insurance for 1 year, which I think isn't that bad, I expected that it would cost more. This insurance covers hospital bills, lawsuit, assult, property I own, and stuff. So, it covers alot of stuff. So I feel really good now that I got this fixed. Even though I can't imagine anything happening to me you should be more safe then sorry right?! :)
Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said…
$560?!! that's it? geeze.. that's a deal. i pay $130 a month through my employer!

good luck on the move to the states!

xo, Jill
Unknown said…
That is such fabulous news, I live in the States and have a hard time finding decent insurance, I will have to look into this. I love the Allstate commercials, they are hysterical!


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