Just a Quick Q&A

1. Favorite color?
I don't really have a favorite color atm, I love ALL colors. But If I have to chose a color that always works for everything, interior wise as well as fashion wise, that would be White and Black.

2. Favorite book?
Lord of the rings, ALL books. After seing the first movie I fell in love, mostly in Legolas and Orlando Bloom, my first big celeb crush, lol. And then I read all 3 books.

3. Favorite song?
This is hard, I have many. But currently I must say Loreen's newest song for Melodifestivalen Euphoria. I love house, songs with a nice melody and beat, together with great lyrics and voice.

4. Favorite animal?

5. Am I a virgin?

6. Long distance or not?
Not, of course, but I can deal with long distance as well, as I have been...me and Jay have been apart since last year in June, still going strong tho. :)

7. Favorite body part?
On myself, calves. On others idk, ass? I can sometimes admire other womens asses. lol. Like Jlo's in "Shall we dance?" Tojt.

8. My dreams or goals?
BE HAPPY, FOREVER! in whatever I chose to do in my life.

9. Favorite moment?
When I see Jay at the airport after being a long time apart. *butterflies*

10. Cats or dogs?
Easy, CATS! :P

I TAG everyone to do this QnA if you feel like it. :)


skiminastka said…
you are my favourite blogger :)
Charchiccc said…
I think its lovely that you do all of these tags - it's nice to get to know other bloggers :)

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