My bro's back in town!

Just want to share some photos from today of my brother, doesn't he look sleek!? :P Really like he's new shoes. I'm gonna miss him so much when I move, my little fashion guru. But he's promised to visit me sometime in May, fingers crossed. He would LOVE U.S. and NYC. Love! Also, a qucik update of my outfit, nothing special, very everyday-ish. I seriously live in this over-size knit top. So comfy, I even think that stain is toothpaste from a couple of days back, LOL! omg...I'm so bad.
Thanks for reading, love you all!


Nyu+ said…
Your bro is cute!
And your outfit... georgeous!
Natalie Mulford said…
I love your scarf! Don't you hate it when you get a toothpaste stain, i'm THE WORST with that! Your brother is cute, but you'll still get to see him, that's what holiday visits are for!
Nichole said…
Love your outfits!
skiminastka said…


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