Octavia owns the red carpet!

 Just wanted to do a shout out to Octavia Spencer, CONGRATULATIONS!! You SO deserve the best supporting actress oscar! I love you in the movie "The help" and I've like seen it already 5 times in the time period of like 5 days (seriously! I saw it today actually...again.), with all my friends and family. They love it too!! And you're great in that movie, my favorite.
Also! My favorite on the red carpet, don't you agree? :)
Can I get a witness!?
I love love love love her Oscars dress, to die for! So glamorous and flattering! Spot on! Finaly a curvy/plus size women wears a GORGEOUS dress on the red carpet! Never seen anyone else pull that off! Kudos Octavia! :) I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!


Sian said…
I completely agree...she looks absolutely gorgeous, and I loved "The Help" best movie of 2011...beter than "The Artist" in my opinon! x
Malene said…
She looks amazing!
Em said…
Wow. This is the first time I have seen all her outfits/dresses in one post and you are right - she constantly looks amazing. I agree that she looked the loveliest on the red carpet. x.
Unknown said…
She did look totally stunning, all the dresses she picked were gorgeous. I loved her in 'The Help', her character was so sassy - my type of gal (I'm a bit sassy myself)! I'm so glad she won Best Supporting Actress, that reminds me that I must buy 'The Help' on DVD, I really liked it.

Anonymous said…
Thanks for the post!
I love your blog. I'm seeing fabulous plus size clothing that I would love to wear so much!

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