OOTD Ruffles

Top from HM size L, Denim legging from Forever21 Plus size, Booties from Skopunkten, Ring from Åhléns and Ur och Penn, Chain statement necklace from BIK BOK.

For being a huge shopper at HM last year I got 550 SEK in Club bonus checks!! :D yay! *dances* I can't shop anything anymore, because I leave soon and I really need all the money I can save, so it was really exciting to be able to shop at HM the other day (omg, I sound like such a loser. lol.) I am such a shopaholic, it's when I feel like I have no clothes even though I know I have more then enough. *sigh* that's when I know I have a problem. lol. :P You feel me?
Anyway, got this cute black top with ruffles. It's in a size L but it's really stretchy so it fits nicely. They also have it in white with black polka dots. WANT! :)
Hope you all have had a lovely day!


BoisNoir said…
you look gorgeous, i love the entire look
Mademoiselle M said…
great great look you're gorgeous !


cherry vidal said…
i tried to order that top online last night but they were out! It looks just as i imagined it would!
Unknown said…
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! You look sooooo beautiful!

Unknown said…
As for too much shopping, remember that a womans closet is never complete. We always need something more in there :)
miss biggy said…
You look so sweet! The top from h&m is so cute!!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful indeed. I love that attire. You look so cute!

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