OOTD Snowy

Top from Ginatricot, Shorts from Forever21 Plus size, Stockings from Lindex, Necklace from HM, Lace up wedges from Skopunkten.

I'm on my 7th day straight "graveyard shift" now and I'm so exhausted! I took on extra shifts since I'm leaving work soon and I because I need the extra money, but man...I can't wait to be off work now, and just "be"! You know. Be free. I can't express how much I love this combo, stockings paired with denim shorts. LOVE! Can't wait for it to get warmer thought cause it...is...getting....coooold up in this place! Minus 15-20 celsius, gah! Hello Swedish Winter, you're a little late. It's February, you're almost 3 months too late! :P Well, I'm expecting Spring to kick in at least in April or I'll cry. Can't wait for SUMMER! SUMMER IN THE U.S. (where you get tanned after just an hour out in the sun, not 4 hours later and you might have gotten a little bit of color-Sweden.)
Next week I go on vacation from work, and 2 weeks after that I leave Sweden. Surreal.
Love you all!


It's my first comment D I like your looks but I never wrote.
That combination is one of my favorites too.
Summer in the U.S. .. oh ... I envy you!
See you soon!
Kisses from Spain

skiminastka said…
I love your clothes, you are very pretty
Unknown said…
U look super cute! Can't wait til u touch US soil! We have got to meet, especially since you'll be in NJ! We hardly got any snow in NJ so far!

Unknown said…
The graveyard shift can be really tough but at least you'll have more money for when you leave. My boyfriends work schedule is 1300-2300 and it takes a lot to get use to. I love the stockings and your hair looks so gorgeous.

Magda said…
You look fantastic:)
Anonymous said…
This ootd looks awesome on you! I came across this post because I'm looking to try this style but I'm still a tad uncomfortable. I don't like my legs.

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