Top from Kappahl XLNT, Denim leggings HM divided, Belt from HM, Boots from Skopunkten.

I saw this top in stores this pased Autumn and loves the Autumn colors of it and soft fabric. but it was a little pricey for me so I never bought it and thought...after Christmas it probably will go on sale, and I was right, lol, well I waited a little longer after Christmas, to when they cut down the price even more. (omg, love sales, half of sales price, LOVE!) So bought it for 75 SWE instead of 349 SEK. STEAL! I love this top, even though it's two sizes to big, I love the over-size look. Thoughts?
Thanks for reading, hope you all have a great day!


Charchiccc said…
Love This! :)

www.charchiccc.blogspot.com x
Emmanuelle Fölkiesh said…
Beautiful colors!
skiminastka said…
pretty smile, this top is great!

Unknown said…
I love finding and wearing oversized sweaters too! I find oversized sweaters hard to find though, I have F cup boobs and finding anything roomy in my northern hemisphere is rare. You look cute and you are rocking that orange lipstick darling.

Anonymous said…
I have the same bluse :)

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