Shoe addicto

I'm seriously a huuuge shoe addict! I love love love shoes, I think you can never get enough of shoes. They are your best friend when it comes to putting together your everyday outfit, they are like the cherry on the top! They can spice up your whole outfit if you like, and they will ALWAYS fit! always. 
Above are some favorites I have right now, the ones on the top are from, where you can buy 3 pair of shoes for the price of two. (dangerous, I'm struggling NOT to buy any.) and the rest at the bottom are from LOVE the cute flats and the strap boots, give me! I'm going crazy.
I want to buy shoes but I can't because I need to save money and I can't bring ALL my shoes to begin with, when I move. If I buy a few pair of shoes now I'm just gonna have to not shop any shoes when I go to the US. which would also suck because the range of beautiful shoes in the US is so much better then in Sweden, for sure. Omg, look at my rambling. LOL.
Do you love shoes too?


Alexandra said…
THEY ARE ADDICTING! I was just talking to someone about this earlier. I have so many too, and I just can't help but want all of them. It's true that they do always fit and I feel like they really are the cherry on top (or bottom) of every outfit. I also need to be saving money now but I've found a few pairs that will FOR SURE be on my birthday list in April!

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