GlassesUSA, yay!

I have bad eye sight, YES! I do. You may not see me wearing glasses that often on my OOTD's because I many times prefer not wearing them together with my outfit, my glasses kind of give me a different "look", "Hello Smarty Pants!" or "Hello Granny" haha Nah! They look chic and nice. All jokes aside they are SO IMPORTANT to me, I need them when I watch TV, when I'm out walking or whatever but most importantly when I drive. If I see you on the street a bit far away without my glasses I wont see it's you, haha! you're face will be all blurry. So when I found out I needed glasses I was like..."*sigh* Ah! Nooo....great now I need to buy glasses that are gonna cost a fortune." especially when you're young you dont really wanna spend that much money on glasses, you wanna buy affordable ones. Chic eyeglasses for a small price.
Wearing my glasses, they were like only 55 USD.
Back in Sweden I have my favorite optics store but now moving to the USA I have nothing! Where do I go and buy a pair of eyeglasses without breaking the bank, haha, because I'm on a budget! :P
How lucky am I when contacted me do write an article about them, very lucky! Now I know where to order glasses in the future to an affordable price! They provide professional Optics online. They offer high quality frames and lenses, as well as 110% lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with a generous refer-a-friend program. Perfect! They carry nice looking glasses just around my prefered price range. :)

If you go to their online webstore you can even try on the online eyeglasses by their "virtual mirror" through a few easy steps, you can choose between so many different kinds of glasses. Plastic, Metal, Rimless and Semi-rimless. It was so much fun, you can try on all the glasses that you've always wondered if they'd ever look good on you, like I've always wanted to own a pair of "wayfairs" I think they are SO COOL! There I can try them on and finally see for myself. Voila!
 I also like the vintage look, and you can just try on glasses you think look funny. :P etc.
Love the vintage look and "wayfairs"
 So order glasses online at, that's what I'm gonna do anyway! :) When I'm looking to buy new frames that's where I'm going! Can't wait it's so affordable! So if you're thinking about it here are some great offers right now that you can grab from my blog.
If you order now you'll get 50% off any pair of eyeglasses on orders over $80.
 Code: SPECIAL50 
and take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. 
Code: Blog10 
 :D What are you waiting for??!

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skiminastka said…
wow great :)I like this glasses :D
Marian said…
I bought mine a few years ago and cost me like 400€ eek! crazy i know! i will check the site, thanks! xx

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