Grand de luxe cafe

 So it's only been like two days and I've already done alot, sort of, there's gonne be more days to come where I wont go out or anything, just be my money, work out, do housekeeping, apply for work later on etc. get my paperwork set up and done for my green card. 
Yesterday, we went by the mall real quick and then to sports authority, where I bought new (pink, white and black, LOVE!) sneakers, as well as work out clothes. and then around 6pm we got stuck in horrible traffic, insane! 3 lanes all packed, slowly moving, or not moving at all. Where are all the people coming from?! :P Typical NJ, traffic is crazy around here during rush hours. 

Later that night I met up with my dear dear friend Cesilia from!! :D as well as her sister Emily and her BF Daniel. We were planing to go to PF changs but they were fully-booked! All restuarants where jam packed with people and it was almost impossible to find a good parking spot, Saturday big date night I guess. With more then an hour wait to get a table at like all the places we wanted to go to near by we decided to go to Grand De Luxe Cafe instead! :D and it was gooooooooood! It was worth the wait. 
Thanks for reading! *mwah*


Unknown said…
I'm so glad you made it safely to the states. The traffic in New Jersey is a total nightmare, I'd say you'd get use to the traffic (I live in a bad traffic area outside D.C) but you don't...

I've never been to the Grand De Luxe Cafe, it sounds yum, I spot fries and pasta? Yums.


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