HM+ New Arrivals

 Just visited the Swedish HM online webshop and found these new arrivals from HM+. (Before called HM BIB) As always Tara Lynn looks GREAT! I love how HM uses Tara as their Plus size model because I can relate more to her body type. She's more curvy! When I go on ASOS Curve, I can never relate, many of the models they use look "straight size" to me...and it makes me so confused! Cause I'll be like "Oh what a nice over size top! I want!" and then their smallest size is size 20 and that is 1 to 2 sizes to big on me?! So I can't by an over size top for me, I could go for non-stretchy pants and tight non-stretchy tops but that is about it, you feel me? I love ASOS curves clothes tho dont get me wrong, but I find myself browsing their website more for inspiration then buying. 
ANYWAY :) I like the pastel colors of their newly released clothes. It's feminine and flirty. I especially love all the flowy tops and the crochet top. However, I'm missing HM+ here in Jersey, I have to go to NYC to find some (I think) *sigh* But Ive heard roumors that HM+ will arrive in stores soon. Can't wait!! Thoughts??


Unknown said…
I really, really, really hope that H&M puts the plus sized line in the stores in the U.S sometime soon. I heard they were going to put the plus sizes online for the U.S website soon too and haven't heard much about it in awhile :( Tara Lynn is definitely gorgeous and I love the super Springy looks they are rocking this season.


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