New york, New york!

 Just wanna share some pictures from this weekend when I spent the whole day in NYC. It's surreal that I'm neighbouring such an amazing city right now. I can see the skyline just a couple of blocks down from where I live now, crazy! New York City is right there!!!?? For 4.50$ and a 30 min or so bus ride you're there, in the City that never sleeps. Can't wait to go back, and then I really wanna go to China town and Canal street and do some bargain shopping ;)
Also, HELLO to all my new followers, thanks for reading! Giveaway will be hosted soon so stay tuned ;)


skiminastka said…
New York is amazing! :) great photos
Unknown said…
How amazing it must be to be so close to such a wonderful city. Lovely pictures! I definitely recommend China Town although I ran across some pretty shady people hanging out around the area so be careful love.


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