Nice styles and colors

Before I'm going out to do some grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market I just wanted to share some gorgeous pictures of Candice Huffin for Marie Claire magazine. I found them browsing around Runway Revolution's website (love that website, filled with so much of the latest plus size pictures, collections etc.) I really like the styling, the color blocking, and beautiful shoes. 
Really nice to see, what are your thoughts about it?
From Marie Claire SS12


Nichole said…
Love these outfits, the colours are awesome.
skiminastka said…
great :) I love this!
missdiscoball said…
I want bright colors, sunshine but most of all - I want thoese silver ballons! 0.o

Alexandra said…
I love that top right outfit!!! I was just at Forever 21 in Nashville and tried on some of their colored denim, but didn't end up liking the fit. I'm still a big fan of the look, though!
Unknown said…
I thought those were photos of you as I scrolled down my reading list!!! I love the maxi skirt look best! Must check out that website!!

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