OOTD Little lace

 Lace detailed waterfall cardigan from ELLOS.se, White top from Target, Black mini skirt from HM, Stockings from HM, Lace up boots from Skopunkten, Right ring from Ur och Penn, Left ring from Local Tibetian store.

Lace is so hot right now! Therefor, I love this grey waterfall cardigan from ellos.se with lace details that I bought on SALE (of course, lol.) Also had grey metalic nail polish on from China Glaze, I think they are called. With magnetic effects! So cool, you get a little magnet thingy with different pattern possibilities, star, stripes etc. I mixed it up a little for the fun of it and it gives a sort of 3D effect on your nail. A MUST TRY!:) 
Not much happening this week so far, been taking it easy and went out for walks along the Boulevard a few times. It's a little scary during night time only because this area is fairly new to me, and there so many cars out and people out walking. Im just not used to it, living on the country side. lol. but it's nice, it's a busy neighbourhood, like all the others around here in Jersey. :P
Thanks for reading and following!!


Malene said…
I love, love, love that cardigan!

Lourdes said…
Your cardigan is so cute!! I love lace!!

Kisses from Spain!!

Alison said…
Haha so funny to read that you're scared 'cause there are too many cars and people in the US... It was just the opposite for me when I went in Sundsvall: I was freaking out cause the streets were soooo empty! I wouldn't dare to walk alone!

Cute outfit btw :)

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