Just Pictures from the last week and a half. :) Outfit photos aside here are some everyday photos. Enjoy! friends and family back at home, and every one else. :) This is my "everyday" nowadays.
They are building this huge complex down the block from me, I wonder what kind of stores and restuarants the're gonna open later, excited!!! SO CLOSE!
$30 for an EMU EGG. Insane! Who would buy that?! (at Whole foods market)
That's NYC right over there...on our way to Seacacus NJ.
My favorite kind of bag ;)
For $8 you can get your eyebrows waxed real nice, Cesilia getting her eyebrows fixed at the mall.
Just a couple of blocks down from  me, Their chai latte is AMAZING, my favorite latte!
Horsies! :P Me, Jay and his friend visited the Medowlands Track last week.
Up close, I dont know much about betting on horses but it's fun to watch.
Yummy, at Cheeseburger in Paradise on Cesilias Bday.
Cesilia and I.


Natalie Mulford said…
Looks amazing! I'd love to visit the US one day!
Lourdes said…
beautiful pics!!! I love Starbucks!!!


bwahahahaa the pic of me getting my eyebrows done is halariouss!

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