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Weekends over and so far all is well, it's nice to be back and it's really really nice to be back with my best friend and partner Jay. :P Even though he's a pain in the ass sometimes (I know I am too) I still love him THIS much! (we're like a "married" couple already.) As soon as possible he're gonna get married and I can apply for permanent residence visa, and recive my green card and start working. :) Here are some pictures from today, the area where I live, my favorite chinese place and dish, LOVE! Oh I've missed you Wonton soup! And say Hello ;) to Jay's two cats Ginger and Blondie. It's still a little coold here but the air is cool and fresh, windy but NO snow. Perfect! I can live without snow ;P

Been shopping some home interior and decor :D the room is looking really homie now, so nice! Had a small panic attack before. The room was not welcoming at all, a real guy's room. Here I come with the female touch :) Ill share photos later.
Thanks for reading and following!


Anonymous said…
Liker virkelig bloggen din !
Unknown said…
The kitties are so adorables, omgs, I just want to hug them. I know most cats, my cats hate it, being hugged but they're sooo cute. I love the pictures, New Jersey has such a charm to it.

Unknown said…
menudos gatitos!! son gigantes!!
me gusta mucho tu blog y como te quedan las gafas!!
te sigo :)

tu pasate si quieres conocerme! un gran beso, y oye eres espaƱola entonces? que tal se vive por alli?
Falala Mele said…
yay for your safe arrival and the times ahead. Im coming to NY in should be a local by then and maybe you could show me some of your special places :)

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