Converse it!

ELLO! This is what I wore the day before yesterday on our little trip to NYC and China Town. 
I wanted to be comfortable, not dress to heavy, and wear comfortable shoes. My feet were killing me last time, to the point where I wanted to chop them OFF lol. I love converse sneakers, I own both hi tops and low tops, in white ofcourse. Classics. These shorts are from HM+ in size 48 I think they were tight before but have gotten real big and floppy in the back, see!! They stretch out real easy. Me no likey.
But they are super comfortable anyway. :)
Have a good day everyone!
Tube top from HM, Belt from Walmart, Cardigan from HM, Denim Shorts from HM+, Various Rings, Hi top Converse from Converse.


skiminastka said…
I love converse ! You have great leggs:)
cherry vidal said…
yes i adore converse i'm still trying to find a way to wear it on a night out lol xoxo
Kristel Knows said…
Haha I feel you! Love them! well, to be honest I think converese goes with everything, I mean you can always rock them with whatever you wear, I wear them sometimes with cute summer dresses lol.
Kristel Knows said…
I KNOW! I have really muscular calves, thank you very much! :P

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