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I'm a sucker for great fashion deals. And living here in the US and only living on saved up money at the moment I cant really go on a huge shopping spree and splurge on expensive items. I could shop nothing at all and save money and only spend money on food and stuff...but NO haha :) I cant! So I'm looking for great saving deal on items, pieces and clothes...until I get a job that is ;)

I really like the platform wedges in colorblocking for less then $20, not bad at all Walmart! Just in also. Also I adore the white crochete flats, also from Walmart. I'm really gonna buy those, so cute in the summer and I like the bright white color. Also those cropped leggings from Forever21 Plus size are so comfortable! I got them the other day, ordered them online and Im so happy I did because they are the perfect everyday wear, soft fabric and nice fit! The necklace is also from Forever21.
Hope you all are having a great Easte Weekend! 
Thanks for reading and following! *mwah*


Carla said…
those wedges are from Walmart???? dang! =)
Marian said…
Love the wedges and the most important thing NICE price :o
I did a shopping spree a few days ago at New Look and a about half an hour ago at Asos :$ but i don't have any spring clothes and i try to buy some color garments because i always wear black, beige, navy or grey! so time for some color :) have a nice Easter! xx
Kristel Knows said…
lol, thats what I said :P
Kristel Knows said…
Aaah!! New Look, love that place. Have had the pleasure to shop there once in London and I fell inlove :D youre so lucky lol. Yes!! Def. time for some colors! You too sweety, have a happy easter :D
Lourdes said…
I love the necklace, I'm looking for one!!



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