H&M I love you!

Everything from HM, Bottoms are Hm+ Plus size.

Took a quick trip to the mall today and of course I can't leave the mall without a trip to HM, just like IKEA I feel like I'm home, like HM is such a big part of my life it's "HOME"! It's a swedish started company, it's where I do basically ALL my shopping, affordable, trendy, and chic, with all the basics to an awesome price. HM never goes wrong, I look at all their clothes and the're latest conscious collection is GREAT! It look expensive but it's not!! Swedens own pride and joy, HM. I love you!
I bought a new blouse with lace details, white, and the top in the middle today with a statement necklace, can't wait to wear it out! Maybe post it as my next OOTD! :) stay tuned.


skiminastka said…
I love HM too :) but in my country clothes are bed quality so I buy in SH :)
Maureen said…
I don't really like the new collection :/ !
Sabrina said…
H&M is a godsend. agreeed!
Lourdes said…
I love H&M...and the new collection is amazing!!!



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