Operation clean up.

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When I came here Jay room was (to me) a mess. Really a "guys" room and a little un-organized :P The big 4-square shelf unit is from IKEA named Expedit, maybe you're familiar with it, love Expedit shelfs, just got another one today but taller. :) But I still have tons of stuff where no where to put them, products, media cords, make-up etc. so I got another mini shelf unit from Target plus a couple of textile boxes and voila! SO MUCH BETTER!! :) The boxes are the cheapest out there, Ive been searching for more luxurious ones but they are just too expensive, like Im NOT gonna spend 10-15$ on one box. These big ones are two for 13$ something and the small ones are two for 7$ something and they fit well into the squares with room to spare. If you're looking for a smaller shelf to build on your exsisting self or desk I really recommend this one from Target, it was really easy to but together and only cost 15$.
Haha, I really wanted to move the whiteboard, they are on with really strong and long lasting "sticky-pads" and with a lot of force I tried to take it off the wall and I accidently ripped a huge part of the wall paint with it :P in one of the corners so I was like Oops, lets leave it.
It's still a little messy but I'm on the right path of shaping things up in the room, I feel so much more at home now, before it was just so emtpy and messy at the same time...It really needed some female touch ups ;) Thanks for reading and following! *mwah*


Unknown said…
Oh how i love Ikea, i could wander around aimlessly, for well , years probally! Just read below about brother, thats terrible so sorry for you gorgeous :-( xx
Unknown said…
Ikea is seriously the best, taking a trip to Ikea is almost like going to an amusement park for me. I love being organized, I hate when things are in disarray, men don't seem to normally care about mess for some reason - my boyfriend seems to love a good mess.


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