Pretty Ballerina

Flats from
I love cute and chic flats, when spring comes around my flats are OUT! Ready to wear! :P and then I can't WAIT to get out of those winter boots. Here are some super cute and nice flats from that I like! I especially like the middle crochet creamy white flat, imagine when you got a little bit of a tan and then those bright flats are gonna POP! Also, cap toe shoes are so HOT right now, and the black lace just adds to it's already hotness! ;) It's good with flats that has fabric that breaths because if not you'll feet will get all sweaty and sticky....and STINK!! :P you feel me? I know...jeez. I got such smelly feet sometimes. hehe. Too much sharing? No? Which one is your favorite?


Unknown said…
I adore ballet flats, I think the black lace pair are my favorite. I don't know if anyone else has this problem though, but ballet flats always tear up the back of my heel! I feel ya on the stinky feet.

stalkergurl_94 said…
fishy vaaaginaaa smelly phooooots jennifer jacobsson eat my poop. remeber my hit on songify? :'( </3
stalkergurl_94 said…
i like the shoes in the middle... you buy me? thank you

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