Sheer pink

This is the best button down shirt ever! It fits perfectly it's super cute, and flowy! Thank you HM+ for producing this amazing piece! :) So happy it's the weekend right now, relax time, as well as cleaning time and...prepping my visa papers. Having them filed this Monday, I hope. I really want to get it sent in as soon as possible because I know the process times can be really long. So until then I'm gonna stay a housewife for a few more months, haha! It's OK. I'm ok with the cooking, cleaning and such. It makes the time run by a little quickers. Oh and then I have the blog so...I know how to kill time during the time of waiting. 
I'm gonna jump in the shower now and get ready because tonight we're going out to Red Lobster and the movies :D We have a coupon and a giftcard for the movies, haha! *I'm in saving-mode* Hope you all have a good night as well ;) 
Thanks for reading, and thanks to all that "LIKED" me on facebook!! *hearts*
Sheer button down shirt from HM+, Black Leggings from HM Basic, Platform wedges from, Various rings, Necklace from Forever21.


Anonymous said…
Love the top!


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Malene said…
I love the shirt and the shoes. And the necklace.
Marian said…
have to check that shirt in the store! have a nice weekend xx
Moya2bean said…
Okay them shoes are too die for! I want them! Lovely outfit girlie!
I went blog searching and ran into you, glad I did!
Love the look, and Love the follower!!!
Lourdes said…
This shirt is great!! Lovely!! You look so pretty!

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