The Skyline

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Yesterday me and Cesilia took some fun and gorgeous pictures at "West New York" NJ. As you can see that is NYC on the other side of the Hudson River, I love the view!! Seriously LOVE it! One of the best things living here is that we live so close to the City, and the skyline view is amazing! 
So I mentioned fun pictures, the're not really included right here haha but I might share them later, we took so many pictures so I had to scale it down, I look like a chinese retardo on most of them, I crack myself up! :P Here are some fav pics from Cesilias camera, they turned out so great!! Love her new Steve Madden heels, HOT! And the sky is beautiful! The weather was great yesterday, not too hot not too cold. :)
Lace up booties from Skopunkten, Stockings from Lindex, Black Mini Skirt from HM, Top with lace sleeves from HM, Black suede biker jacket from Cubus, Scarf from Nordstrom, Bag from RED Marc eckö.

After that we went to the movies, tickets are only $7 on Thuesdays at this one place, SO CHEAP! In Sweden tickets are like $15 converted. We saw "21 Jump street" A MUST SEE!! :D H.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s!!!!


Unknown said…
You both look so pretty. I love the NYC skyline (funny side note is my recent post is titled Skyline hehe).

the last 2 pics are my fav! well just go there every tuesday lol!!
Kristel Knows said…
lol yeah, tuesday movies and photoshoot. :P yay
Nichole said…
Love your outfits. Cute, chic and comfortable at the same time!
Anonymous said…
Wow! That's a really fabulous attire. I love it. I'm loving all your plus size clothing collection.

plus size clothing Australia
Lourdes said…
You both look so pretty!!I love your confortable look and the heels of your friends!!




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