Some more New York, New York!

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Some more pictures from earlier this week when me and Cesilia took some OOTD pics at "West New York". These are pictures from my camera, I just love the skyline of NYC so much, I know I've clearly stated this before but...I'm mezmerized! :) haha. anyways. Happy Easter everyone! This weekend have been a huge food fest, I've had so much to eat, candy, cupcakes, turkey and stuffing with baked potatoe and gravy, huge italian dinner out last night, STUFFED!!! I'm so stuffed! 
LAB POOD tho. haha. food is my weakness. Food and snacks. Jeez...:P LAB!
Is this a dream?

*snap snap* Cesilia.


Ontheqtrain said…
Hey isn't my city gorgeous? Have fun!
Marian said…
I'd love to visit and live for a few years in NY! You're so lucky, girl! xx
skiminastka said…
I love your style !:)
Maureen said…
Wow beautiful pictures!
And I freakin' love your style!

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