Special Photos

So yesterday after the ceremony we took some really nice photos in Weehawken NJ (really adore that spot) by the Skyline, like you all know I love the view of the Skyline so we took some memorable photos there. Cesilia took all the photos with her "pro"-camera, and they came out SO NICE! I've only seen a few and here are two of them, I'll get an USB with the rest of the 250+ photos LOL. :P I may share some more then, a 2Outfit post" at least, got to show the dress!! It's really adorable!

Today, Cesilia, Jason, his friend Dave and I went to the City, and had a huge dinner at this great chinese restuarant in China Town, looked around  a little, had bubble tee, bought a teal colored bag, did Forever21 at Time Square, and then back home to Jersey and had some left over cupcakes from Maggie Moos, haha! And then all of a sudden it was already 2 am. Time flies!
Tomorrow is a new day, and Im gonna start writing on my green card application, be active, and take it a little bit easy, relax! :) Hope you all have had a great day!


Malene said…
Congratulations on the wedding! I hope you all had a wonderful day. You look beautiful-
Marian said…
Can't wait to see your dress and the pictures! xx
Darling you look so cute!!!!
Unknown said…
Aww, congrats sweetie! You look beautiful and look at that New York skyline, wow. I wish I lived closer to New York City, it really is one of the most fabulous cities to ever exist.

Kristel Knows said…
THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!! <3 :) *blush*

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