Spotted Maxi Dress

Hi everyone! It's a new day and so far today I've been really productive. I've changed the sheets on the bed, I've done some laundry, I've vacuumed the room and dusted off all the shelves, I've put together a small shoe shelf. I've cooked lunch! :D
In a minute I think I'm gonna get ready and go out to our local Rite Aid and print out some photos of my sister and I, and my brother, my family and just other memorable photos I've taken through out the years and have them framed. :) So that I can feel surrounded by my loved ones at home while I'm here thousands of thousands of miles away.
And then after that met up with Cesilia and go out and have dinner at chipotle, YAY! Love chipotle!
Maxi dress from Walmart NEW, Cardigan from HM, Various rings, Flats from Juicy Couture.

Got this really chic and comfortable Maxi dress from Walmart the other day, love it. For about $16 something this is the perfect Maxi dress, perfect lenght, stretchy waistband and some ruffles on the top with a nice pattern, which really makes it all look chic! Plus, it's not see-thorugh :P


Falala Mele said…
oh I hope you are not missing your fams too much. I fill my wall with pics when Im away from home.
Shandi said…
Cute. Love your style. Welcome to the USA!
stalkergurl_94 said…
bery najz dress
shoe cupboard said…
I cannot view your pics....
just stumbled across your blog and I love it:)

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