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Ok, can someone help me and tell me when HM is gonna start online shopping in the U.S.? AND where they sell HM+, ive tried to google just to make sure if I can find it, someone told me they sell HM+ in NYC, but when I google I cant find the exact store location for that. I so wanna buy these swimsuits for the summer, love the polka dot two piece suit, and the ruffled one shoulder piece. Help!
Gahd, am I gonna have to order them home in Sweden and have them sent here?! :P


hm+ is on 34th street herald square(the one directly beside victoria secret) there r 2 of them located on the same street. hm shop online us will launch in autumn of this year
Kristel Knows said…
g.yang said…
The only H&M that has the HM+ line is about 30 minutes away and ever since I spotted the sarong and purple swimsuit on the online site, I've been checking them out. To no avail, I have not seen any swimsuit yet.
Anonymous said…
Kings Plaza in Brooklyn, NY sells H&M+ according to their website. Go on to their website and put in your zip code in their store locator. Look for the "available in this store" section and hover over "Ladies" and check it it has H&M+.


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Lourdes said…
I love the polka dot bikini too!! So cute!


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