Blue and White H&M Plus size

Every now and then Ill sign on (the swedish HM-website. God, I miss it) and these are the latest HM plus size pieces out, as well as the other new pieces from HM there's a lot of whites and blues, am I the only one who's getting the "greek" feeling, islands and vacation...and gyros. lol. I like. But there's a mix of colorful pieces in there as well. I love the beach cover-up they have, me wants!
Anyways, Simple and clean, like the shorts! They are a good length, and the t-shirts are looking chic and sleek as well. I would totally wear this clean combo in the summer, I think it's a great city look.
What do you think?
Everything from HM+ and HM shoes.


Lourdes said…
I love these clothing items... above all the blue short!!!


skiminastka said…
very simple but very effective:) I like blue and white in summer :)

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