Fabulous on stage!

Erin Willett, Katrina Parker, and Cheesa from The Voice.
Who's watching this seasons The Voice? :) I've tried to keep up as much as possible, but ever since the start I've been rooting for the curvy girls, ah yeah! of course, Beautiful Erin Willett, Cheesa and Katrina Parker. Such talented singers, amazing! Also I've been really liking their styling, I'm like "You go girls!" Dress to impress! I love cheesa's gorgeous dresses, especially the Maxi dress, also the color block suit! Erin Willett has really been looking amazing on stage! She's been dressing really flattering, chic and trendy! is that an ASOS CURVE dress I'm spotting?! :D Nice. Too bad none of them made it to the finals, BUT they have really inspired me and made a plus size girl proud to be plus size, because it doesn't matter what size you are! You can make it, you can do whatever that you set your mind to! And dress fabulous whatever size you are.
I love Erin Willett's styling the most! The sequined top she wore on last nights elimination with matching nude wide skirt looked AMAZING on her!! 
I'm blown away.


Ontheqtrain said…
I love all these ladies. They look fabulous especially Erin!
Unknown said…
Love it! Same with the maxi and suit! x

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