Fashion bargains

I love shopping, but I shop smart. I don't have the finances to shop expensive designer brands, but just because you don't...doesn't mean you can't dress like it. :) We all have our own personal style, I put together these outfits because it's something that I would like to wear or something like it. (For example, I wouldn't really spend 24$ on golden bangles, hehe, but something similar and cheaper is something that I would def. go for because it looks nice with the maxi dress, it's just an example.)
I love a good T-thong sandal in the summer, not only are they clean and neat looking but also mostly affordable, and they come in so many different kinds of styles. The Maxi dress is my favorite "to-go-to" dress this summer, I tried it last summer but didn't really like it...I think mostly because I didn't find the best fit for me, I love the empire waist on maxi dresses. The perfect fit for me, no pulling or hugging...more flowy, airy and comfortable. 
Forever21+'s shorts always fit me well, and I like their price range on clothes. I have a weak heart for studds, so who can't resist a nice studded clutch bag and studded pockets on a pair of edgy denim shorts. Paired with a cool graphic tee and you're good to go. ;)

I have yet to find the perfect denim vest for the summer, I think I'm gonna buy a cheap one from walmart, or somewhere else, they go for around 12-14$ and cut the sleeves off myself. :D do a little DIY. *excited*


Moya2bean said…
Why is there no F21 Plus in my area!
I love the clothes so much and I never live near one!
Grreat prices!
Kristel Knows said…
I think you can get your hands on a few plus size pieces online at F21, they ship in the EU as well :) <3
Anonymous said…
I have the Miss Tina maxi dress. I love it. The design is my style and it's super comfy.

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