Horrible top

Jason (My huuuusbaaand lol) thought this top looked horrible, so I never bought it......at first.....HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! Then later on I bought it anyway, *evil* :P I just love the pattern, colors and poncho style, the fit is loose and comfortable, omg I have so many nice tops right now, but they are too short for leggings so I pair them with a white tank top, just don't want to show my...punani to the world, nore my butt crack. :P haha! I can't wait for the summer to come along so I can wear shorts and tops, I think it's gonna be my favorite combo this summer. 

Anyway, I have to get my ass to the city SOON because thanks to a lovely reader I now know where to go to shop me some HM+ clothes. YAY! so, now I need to save some money so that I can afford this little shopping spree.
Top from HM size M/L, White tank top from HM, Black leggings from HM, Cap toe flats from Payless shoes, Various rings, Cropped denim jacket from ellos.se, Bag from shop in China town.


estroJen said…
LOL "punani" you are on your way to being a jersey girl!! :)
Anonymous said…
Love the top!


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Moya2bean said…
Girl you know boys don't know fashion like we do! LOL!
My husband saw a shirt I was getting and was like "Your gonna get that?"
And I was like.."yeah. you'll see, it will look good on...and i was right..LOL!
Great shirt and great post
Lourdes said…
I say....I LOVE THAT TOP!!! Lovely!!!

Unknown said…
Men! My boyfriend pretty much dislikes anything I wear that isn't either overtly sexy or isn't dark colors. I like this top on you, it is really pretty colors and I like it paired with the light denim jacket. Haha at "punani", such a great word.


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