I seek girlfriends, lol.

So I sent in my green-card and working card application this Monday and now I can only wait through the process time. I think...I think the process time is about 3-4 months. Which means in that case that I will have all summer off, nice...But I need to meet more new people. These passed couple of months have been like vacation-y, done some shopping, nice dining and relaxing, but now it's starting to extremely bore me. Everyday is the same, haha, Wake up make coffee and breakfast, catch up on some series, make the bed, dust off the room if needed, browse around websites, do an OOTD, clean bathroom if needed, do dishes, prepare dinner sometimes, watch TV, maybe go out for a little bit, usually look around Target or Walmart. omg, I WISH I wouldn't feel too lazy to go out on a walk but the weather has been really sucky lately.
I have one friend that I hang out with regularly, lots of fun don't get me wrong, but she's busy sometimes, she can't hang out like every other day, I don't wanna hang out with my husband ALL the time, he's a guuuuuy, I wanna go out and do girly stuff sometimes....like go shopping, go to the Mall, or stuff like that, just talk girl stuff. I find myself hanging out with Jason every single day, every hour of the day haha, besides wen he's at work. But like most of the time he'll do his thing on the computer and I will do my thing on the computer. OMG how sad doesn't that sound!?! HAHAHAH!! omg. We go shopping together sometimes but you know guys, they will only last at the mall or at a store for like 5 min. and then start to get impatient.
Platform heels from Payless shoes, Leggings from HM, White top from Target, Knitted long cardigan from HM, Cross earrings from Stylebytyra.com, Cross necklace from Forever21.

I'm rambling, it's because I'm so bored. :P Can't wait for the FFFW tho! It's gonna be so much fun to meet up with other fabulous full-figured fashion blogger around the world. SWEDEN REPRESENT! :P
I wanna go to IKEA so bad....I'm gonna ask Jason if he can't take me, give him the puppy eyes, and beg please, baby please! Going there would def. cure by boredom.
Also, I seek girlfriend. Maybe I should sign up for like a night course of pottery, or art. Meet some new people, socialize. Omg I miss my friends back in Sweden SOO MUCH, I'll spend like 1-2 hours every other day with the talking and talking and talking about shit. With my sister too.
That's my day :) Can't wait to start working. It's gonna be fun and exciting to get a challenge like a new job. So for the time being I'm gonna enjoy the free time at home and the time spent with Jason. :)
Don't get me wrong, I really love being here. Can't believe it's been two months already!! Time flies!


stalkergurl_94 said…
I can be your friend
Anonymous said…
it's hard when you move to a new area to make friends. signing up for a class, volunteering, going to local events and happenings, maybe a book club? they are all good ways to find some new friends, and when you can work and find a job, it'll get that much easier!
Eunice said…
Hi! I sent you an email! :)
Anonymous said…
Love this outfit. Cute shoes. I hear ya about the friends part, it's hard to meet new people cooped up in the house.

Hope to see you FFFweek! :)


Please Check Out My Blog www.shanicexoxo.info
Not sure where you are exactly, but if you are in the USA, go to www.meetup.com and you can discover groups of interests near you. There are several groups of girls that meet for lunch, or for movies, or just for shopping. You'll find everything on meetup. I found lots of friends through it. :-) Have fun! (P.S. I bought that same pair of shoes at Payless. It's awesome! Thanks for the advise!)

A Ladybug's Life

Sophie said…
Volunteering might help you find a job too!
Kristel Knows said…
Omg thank you so much for the great advice, ill be sure to check out the website right away! :D sounds really good! :D
Thanks!! <3
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you! <3 omg, tell me about it lol. YES i registered for the blogger thingy :D so I'll see you there! :D
Anonymous said…
I would so want to be your friend but I live too far away. I know how it feels though. My husband is in the military and we're stationed in South Dakota. All my family and friends live 1000 miles away in Texas(not as far as Sweden of course), but it sure is lonely and boring. I miss all the familiarity of home.
Anonymous said…
I would so be your friend if I didn't live so far away. I'm kind of in the same position you are. My husband is in the military and we're stationed in South Dakota. It's really boring and lonely being a 1000 miles away from my family and friends in Texas. I miss all the familiarity of home.
And take it from me, don't try to meet friends through Craig's List. When we first moved here, we lived in a hotel on the base for a month while waiting for our housing to get situated. I posted in the strictly platonic section about being new on base and looking to make a friend or two. I explained I was happily married and wanted nothing but a friendship. All I got was perverted teenage boys and a married man who wanted to help me "pass" time.
Anonymous said…
sorry if I posted twice :(
Anonymous said…
You should check out meetup.com to join a social group that hosts events in your area. It is a cool way to meet people with similar interest. They have everything on there from book clubs to dance lessons. Give it a try.
Falala Mele said…
Meet me!!! LOL I am coming to visit the NY from the 27th of June to the 7th of July....I am already planning on meeting up with a few bloggers from new york...well 2 from new york and one doing a fashion intern while I am there.....I would love to hang out and have a laugh....it will be my sister and our good friend...and WE LOVE TO SHOP!!!!

I'm always dying to get to your view of the skyline so I would love it if you could show us how to get there....Also it might sound silly but ZUMBA is soooo much fun...we have a few free classes in australia so maybe some community centres around your area may have it on for free....Even if at first you don't meet people you can laugh at yourself trying to follow the moves and after a while you will learn it and you will forget about what you are doing.

At least it is a break in your routine and you will feel great too!

I am about to move (next week.....I'm actually sitting on my floor with clothes surrounding me. I am supposed to be packing but instead I am catching up on blogs) and I'm soooo not ready to leave my social circles yet....like you I see/talk to my friends and my sister a lot...So I feel for you esp. seeing as you miss her so much.... I'm planning on joining the gym so that there will be a few classes that I will hopefully make some friends...and I am going to check out any other community run activities.....hopefully I will make friends....one that I can CLICK with...just laugh, eat and goof around with.

GOOD LUCK with your friend search xo

Mele from Australia
Cristina said…
:( soo sad you'r feeling bored and lonely! unfortunately I live in italy, cause i would love to be your friend, i really like you (ok..that sounds creepy...sorry).
I know how you feel cause my 2 bff moved about 1000km away from home and i feel very lonely :( hope you can find some good friends to have a lot of shop with!

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