Kreative blogger Award

Another award! Woot Woot! Thank you SO much a Ladybug's life for this Kreativ blogger award. "Kreativ" is actually Creative in Swedish and I do like to see myself as a creative person, so thank you for seeing that in me as well :)
So over to 10 new facts about me, again, this is gonna be hard because I just wrote 7 facts about me not long ago. Why does it have to be about me? lol :P typ intresse-pil i ögat...for all my Swedes reading.

1. My favorite cooking shows are Iron Chef America, Chopped, Diners drive-ins and dives, and Restaurant impossible.
2. I've recently grown a huge interest in the show "River Monsters" on Animal Planet, it's weird because I don't like fishing and such, but it's something about an Australian accents and tale-telling that draws me to it, and of course seeing the monster fishies.
3. I weighed myself today and I've lost 5 pounds these last 3 weeks, that's about 1,6 pound a week. Cool, I haven't even exercised that much AT ALL, just managed what I eat a little. slowly and steady.
4. I'm not a big "Candy" fan.
5. My little sister is my pride and joy.
6. I have a lot of dark spots on my face, I think over 10 of them, all around my face. I don't really think about it before I take a closer look and I'm like "JESUS!" I have one on my nose, one next to my nose, one under the nose, one little by the corner of my lip, the list goes on...
7. I once had braces for like a year in High School.
8. I have pretty bad eye-sight. I need glasses almost all the time now, I really should get lenses but I'm too nervous to try them out...I'm stupid I know, but it's impossible for me to get them in my eye. Help me!
9. Tzatziki, hands down BEST sauce.
10. I grocery shop ALL NATURAL or ORGANIC foods. It's so much better for you and your health.

Good night and thanks for reading. :)


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