Maxi in the city

Just wanted to do a quick update with some photos of my outfit yesterday in the city. I love love love this dress from walmart, so cheap for such an amazing dress, the material is really light and flowy, and the patterns are really interesting and chic! This dress is like $17 and a size L fits me loose and comfortably. And it went really well with my teal colored bag, matchi matchi. Omg, this weekend has been really nice, the weather has been great, I just got back inside from tanning a little bit, building on my previous "burn" that's faded, now i look nicely sun kissed and not red, lol, love it. love a great tan!
I bought a stir-fry the other day and im finally gonna use it, I got all these mixed greens and veggies together with chicken Im gonna wook it real good and add a delicious stir-fry sauce. can tell im excited to cook! 
Bye for now, more pics coming up later, stay tuned, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! and thanks for reading.
Maxi dress from Walmart size L, cropped cardigan from Forever21, Bag from shop in China Town, Various rings, Flats from Juicy Couture.


Lourdes said…
It's so beautiful..this dress!! It fit you perfectly...I love the colours...
You are lovely!!


Jessica said…
Hola guapísima!!!te he conocido a travéz del blog de Lourdes, y la verdad que me ha encantado tu estilo!te sigo desde ya!!
Anonymous said…
Cute dress!

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Irina said…
Wonderful Dress!!!! Nice look =*)))
Bella said…
This dress looks lovely on you! You look beautiful with your tan! :)

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