The month that has passed...

HELLO! Here is a collection of a few pictures from the month that has passed. It really went by QUICK and I can not believe it's May already!? :) It's been a good month, hope you enjoy the little bits and pieces of what's going on in my life. All you folks back in Sweden, friends and family ;) these pictures are especially for show you guys what I'm up to and stuff like that. :) 
Thanks for reading! *hearts* 
and thanks for all the supporting comments on my last "pitty" post, lol. *blush*
Cesilia and her sister Emily, dinner out at PF. Changs. Great place!
East New York, NJ. Great view of the skyline.
NYC *hearts*
Easter passed, I usually don't really celebrate easter but this year, we colored eggs, had easter candy baskets out and had a TWO huge easter dinners. It was really nice...I think I gained 10 pounds that weekend, LOL!
Ginger, my favorite cat.
Cesilia, Jason and I, at Weehawken taking pictures after the ceremony.
Cesilia took SO many nice pictures that day!
NYC, lol can tell I like taking pictures of the skyline.
Please enjoy...looking, walking and relaxing. lol.
Subway, time square on our way to china town-canal street. love that place!!
At Eros Cafe smooking hooka (did I spell that right?) with friends.
OF COURSE we had to take "smooky" pictures. lol.


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