Old hair cut - misses!

Omg, Found this old picture from last year and...damn, I like that hair cut! You often want your hair the way it's not at the moment, if it's flat you want it curly, if it's darker you want it lighter. well, it is most of the cases for me :P and right now seeing this picture from a year ago with this cut I REALY LIKE IT!!! But I've saved my hair aaaall year and it's finally really long like  want it to be....I like the color too, my old high-lights that are colored over with brown, and not look a little copper-ish.
(I want that dress too, damn I miss all my clothes! I bet I have 3/4's of my wardrobe left at home in Sweden as well as 30 pairs of shoes...or maybe even more *sheds a tear*:P)

old hair cut - YAY or NAY?


Ariana said…
Love the old haircut! But i like your long hair too :) And that dress is so cute!! Get your sis to send it over :)
YAY. what a gorgeous photo, that haircut suits you well. ...and you need to have that dress sent to you ASAP! :)
Unknown said…
You look so stunning in this picture. I know what you mean about missing old haircuts, I've been growing my hair out for several years and sometimes I look back at pictures of myself with shorter hair and realllly miss it. I'd vote yay for the old haircut but I think your hair looks lovely now as well.

Anonymous said…

spanish kisses!!! :)
Kristel Knows said…
Omg YES I should def. have my sis send over the dress! :D Thanks guys <3 im really honestly considering it...might do it after the summer tho :D when start wearing heavy jackets and scarfs and long hair just gets tangled or caught under the jacket/Scarf and gets all static lol, THEN! I will chop chop, goodbye long hair. :D
Yay, I prefer your old cut!

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