Rocking rompers and playsuits

A fashion piece I am going to be wearing a lot this summer, are shorts! Every kind of shorts, denim shorts, or bicycle shorts etc. So it is only natural for me to lean towards Rompers and Play suits as a substitute for shorts every now and then, for example when you want to dress-up a little. The romper/play suits available for the plus size female often have very flattering silhouettes, patterns and nice details. I like that! Above are a few favorites from a few different places and with different prices. Personally my favorites are the ones from Forever21+, I could afford them :P and I love the prints and style! The ones from ASOS Curve sure are stylish and fancy but too expensive for me, sucks, I wish I was rich so I could go on a huuuuge shopping spree at ASOS. What a dream. *dreaming*
One negative about rompers and play suits tho, when you need to go on the toilet you have to basically undress yourself, and take the whole thing off and have the whole piece by your knees. weird haha. But they are chic and comfortable, so really it's worth it or it doesn't really matter, but just keep that in mind ;) haha!
Which one is your favorite?


skiminastka said…
first of cours all black ;)
Ariana said…
I ordered the navy and red dotty one yesterday!! We'll see how it looks :)
Unknown said…
I remember wearing playsuits as a kid, going to the bathroom felt like such a pain. I've come across a romper or two I thought were really pretty but I'd be really nervous to wear one since I'm pretty insecure about my size :\. I'm sure you'll look lovely in a playsuit, I think my favorite is the red one from ASOS. Happy romper buying!

Unknown said…
hey love...i love this post! i personally adore rompers! but i saw your comment. please no worries, you're not stalker-ish at all! I live in montclair in north jersey.

p.s. i adore your style


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