Versatile blogger award

Fat Girl Diaries nominated me for a "versatile blogger award". Thank you so much! 
It's been a while since I received a nomination for a blog award so this is a very pleasant surprise! It means the world to me that there's peps out there that enjoy reading my blog. *blushie* 

So, now I have to share 7 facts about myself. This is always hard...because I want to write something interesting and not boring. Hard....HARD!

1. I start everyday with a cup of coffee.
2. Love watching back to back episodes, especially on Food network.
3. I'm starting to re-evaluate what I want to do in life, design or cooking?
4. I'm an organized-freak. I can't operate in mess.
5. I say "oh my god" like all the time. haha.
6. Being good at drawing has always been a talent of mine.
7.  I'm a shopaholic, but also a bargainista.

I follow so many blog, it's to hard to nominate 15 of them. I nominate all my readers and followers lol. Because you are all fabulous! ;) Thanks.


great blog! I have those same cap toe shoes in one of your previous posts and they are without a doubt, the most comfortable shoe that i have ever stuck my feet in. I almost melted when i put them on. I'm definitely following you and i hope you'll visit my blog and follow me too!

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