The weeks that has passed...

Dinner with Eunice :D at a great Korean place. First time eating at a genuine Korean restaurant and I loved the food.
Eunice is btw my new girlfriend. :D She's awesome! I wan those cups, chai tea latte THE BEST!
Border China Town/Little Italy. Meeting up with my dear old friend Maria from Sweden. My BFF!
Friends for more then 14 years.
Aw, the perfect couple. Maria and her BF Carlan.
My original Poopie
Freedom tower being built by the 9/11 memorial.
Drink break.
*hearts* I wish we could see eacho ther more often.
Dim Sum, SO GOOD, at our favorite chinese restaurant in China Town
Group photo :D BIG SMILES!
NYC Architecture


Maria said…
Omg!!!!! Fina bilder, bästa på dig och mig i slutet. Det påminner mig om alla sjuka bilder vi hade med oss hem från får Filippin-resa!
Önskar också vi kunde ses oftare. Jag lovar att skaffa ett jobb där jag kan besöka New York OFTA, så kan vi hänga all day long:)

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