Basically fabulous!

Hi everyone! Hope you all have had a great Saturday! :) Today has been a great day! I went with Eunice and her friend Susan to the HUGE Palisades Center Mall in NY. First time, real great mall. They have everything....eeeveryyythiiing! Earned some extra money this week helping out at a Memorial Day Catering job so I splurged a bit ;) Bought a really nice simple black Hi Lo Tee, Some make-up, a pair of skinny jeans at Forever21 plus size the pants that only cost 13$ something, love it! as well as a pair of GAP shorts in green! I'm proud over myself for going for something bright colored, only 14$ something on sale at a GAP outlet. score! Had a really nice time out and about with the girls.
So with this outfit I wanted to keep it really simple and basic. and show how you can basically spice up any basic outfit with a bright lip and heels. These heels I got on SALE for only 17$ and they are sooo chic in suede! I love them! Happy I snagged them before anyone else. haha!
White Tee from Target size XXL, Denim Shorts from Forever21 Plus size size 16. Various rings. Bracelet gifted, Heels from Payless shoe store on SALE. Belt from Walmart.

Can't believe it's Sunday tomorrow, this week has gone by fast but at the same time not, I've been stuck at home all week basically because Jason has been working late every single night, me so lonely :( I'm happy he's working tho, really happy. He's doing really good. I just wish I could work too. *fingers crossed* Hopefully soon.
Just have to send in some more forms that's been requested, which is putting my process on hold, I need t have it done as soon as possible. I'm feeling a little stressed out about it but I can't do much right now because I'm waiting for a couple of tax-returns in the mail and a letter from Jason's employer which is taking quite some time. S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D! *deep breath*
Everything is gonna work out in the end. I'm sure, I just want to have it done NOW :P
Thanks for reading and following *heats!*


socialitedreams said…
great shoes girl! floored that they are from payless :D tooo cute

skiminastka said…
yes of coruse I like your blog on facebook too:)

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