BFSC - something I normally wouldn't wear

With a soar throat and sore feet after a long night at a Wedding reception I post another Big Fat Summer Challenge outfit. 
I'm checking "wear something you normally wouldn't wear" OFF the list ;) Hot pink...not my first color of choice...not at all. A hot pink dress is something that I normally don't wear...but when I saw the dress at HM for only 17 something $ I fell in love with the pop of bright color and thought "What the hell" Why not...I got to try something new, I like the color, so I'm just gonna work it. I've noticed that my desire to wear bright colors occasionally pop up and more so now when the neon's are trendy. (most times I like subtle colors. Pastels, whites and black etc.)
OH AND IT HAS POCKETS!!!! you had me at pockets, hot pink dress. Oh and it also has a zipper in the back, but my thick ass hair is covering it, but it's's a nice zipper. :)
I pair it with a thin black belt to bring out my waist line and black platform heels from Payless. A bright lip and a few bright pink rings and VOILA, simple and easy ;)

Omg, my hair btw. I thick bush literally! This is my hair right after I wash it...big, fluffy, bushy...and FRIZZY!!!! Any tips on good ANTI FRIZZ products? I know a few but haven't tried anything yet, but I really need to go buy something, I just don't know exactly what.
I need some recommendations? :)  
BTW can't wait to put together this weeks "Weekly Summary" tomorrow, excited to see all of your outfits together, be sure to stay tuned to check it out on Monday ;)
Thanks for reading!
Dress from HM, Belt from Lindex, Various rings, Shoes from Payless.



Malene said…
That dress looks gorgeous on you! Hot, hot, hot.

Can't wait to see the summary of the BFSC. Quite nervous/exicted about being featured myself this week. No way back now. ;)
Natalie Mulford said…
OMG, I WANT THAT DRESS! See, that's something i'd be drawn to straight away! It looks great on you, it looks great against your skin colour!
theplussideofme said…
Love it! I really like the sportyness of the neckline and strap design. Your rings are cool, too :)
Taylor Brione said…
You look great in pink!! It's my favorite color, when I wear it, I swear the color makes me feel instantly happier! lol
Quick question about the challenge, do we need to link to every outfit we wear?
Thanks for the challenge!
Taylor Brione
Ticka said…
This dress is so cute!! Nice touch with the thin belt and the pink lip too!!

I can't wait to see the wrap up!!
Ontheqtrain said…
Wow I just recently purchased a pink dress from Fashion to Figure. I had the same mind set as you, I liked the dress on me, but I normally dont wear pink dresses, however I got it and fell in love. Anyway you look great as always. I am loving the accessories as well =)

BTW I am on the BFSC bandwagon and I am excited about it honey =)
Candyce Nicole said…
Gorgeous color on you!! You look great.
Anonymous said…
girl please, this color looks great on you! and i neeeeeeed those shoes, kthx:)
aliah dunmore said…
you have the best legs ! work it chica
Tavia Mac said…
The hot pink is gorgeous on ya! What a fabulous dress!

socialitedreams said…
it's a pretty color against your skin tone :D i like it, wear hot pink more!

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