BFSC - Wear something Hi-Lo

This is what I wore for the "a Torrid Affair" event in the City this weekend and it checks off "Wear something Hi-Lo" on the Big Fat Summer Challenge. :) This is my favorite Hi-Lo dress right now, love the volume of the skirt and the pattern, the only down side with this dress is that it doesn't have any stretch in the fabric which makes it a little tight around the boobies, well for me that has big boobs. haha, I had to go up a size just so it wouldn't pull to much around the boob area. 
But I still love this dress! :) 
Love these photos too, because they really caught the movement of the skirt. I need to get a new camera man. These photos are taken with Kelly's Camera which is KICK ASS, and mine suck ass compared to it. So I'm in love with these shots!
Can't wait to see what you all will be wearing this week for the Big Fat Summer Challenge. I think I'm gonna do another task by the end of the week as well because the weeks are ticking away and before you know it, it's July already. :D time flies.
Hi Lo dress from Target size XXL, Cropped Denim jacket from, Various rings, DIY bracelets, Steve Madden flats.


Carmesha said…
That dress is too cute! I def need to go to Target!
Ticka said…
Love the movement of the dress! Very pretty!

I'm thinking that I might check off strapless or sleeveless this week!
LA Lynn's said…
Yasss... Love the DRESS!!!! I'm participating in the challenge & I just posted my "Challenge Outfit" I checked off something that I wouldn't normally wear! :D

Jess said…
I am looking everywhere for a hi-lo dress that I like. Need to check out Target!
Amarachi said…
this is very pretty--i love the pattern! don't you just love target??? ;-)

Malene said…
The dress is wonderful!

This week I finally got started on the challenge my self. Yay!
Tavia Mac said…
Loving this dress...Target is gonna get me in trouble!

Divamazon said…
so Cute! Love that first looks like a magazine ad. :)
Unknown said…
You look so beautiful, love this dress on you!

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