BFSC wear something sleeveless

So with checking "wear something sleeveless" OFF the BFSC list I have in total checked 5 "must wears" off the list and have 5 more outfits to go and about another month to complete it so I'm good shape ;)
So being a plus size girl fat arms has been in the passed something I haven't liked showing off. I have blazin' hot summers to thank for getting out of my comfort zone. haha. You just can't wear sleeves on a hot summer day, you just cant! If you do, stop! you know it's too hot so let those arms breath and get some air, and a tan :P
I have fat arms and the jiggles, like mayor! It's like "HELLOOO!!!" *waves arm frantically* jiggly jiggly hey! it's not gonna stop me from wearing tops that are sleeveless ;)
Can't wait for the weekend :D the weather here is gonna be BEAUTIFUL, and I'm def. going to the beach! YAY!
Can't wait to see everybody's BFSC outfits this weekend for the Weekly Summary on Monday!
These jeans are from Forever21 Plus size and cost around 13$ something, I distressed them and added studs above the pockets, but I didn't like how the distress turned out, not completely, because the jeans are not a 100% cotton it just ended up looking a little weird SO! I dip dyed them after I took these pictures, and not they look so much better! :D Can't wait to show you guys, it gradually goes from dark blue to blue to very light, grey/white-ish at the end wish makes the distress look much much better :) Love playing with bleach, just be careful though! Read the warnings.
Pants DIY from Forever21 Plus size size 16, Top from Cotton On size L, Shoes from JCPenny, DIY gifted bracelet, various rings, DIY Hex nut bracelet.


Anonymous said…
i like the distressing! you are the distressing queen lol
Miss Dre said…
You are so creative, miss lady! You make me want to distress a pair of my jeans! Cute look, girl =)

And I adore that bracelet!
socialitedreams said…
damn i need those jeans!!!!! come bedazzle all of mine :D
Ticka said…
Yes ma'am!! I am a firm believer in letting my arms out! It getts too hot to be all covered up. You did great with the jeans! They fit really well.
Unknown said…
This is such a cute look!

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