BFSC Weekly Summary 3

Phuu! :) Finally done putting together Week 3's summary of the Big Fat Summer Challenge
I'm loving it, everybody looks amazing and are WOKRIN' it! ;) Keep up the good work girl!
This week we have a great mix of different outfits, all from Short shorts, something you normally wouldn't wear and High waist bottoms. Hope you enjoy this weeks summary :)
When you post your pictures I always appreciate a link back to the BFSC - challenge page or the BFSC tab on the top right corner :) or a link back to my blog. Also to make my job a little easier ;) write what you're "checking off" the challenge list so that I know for sure.
There are some blogs in the challenge that joined that hasn't tagged any of their outfits for the challenge yet posted outfits, so I just want to make sure that you all just remember to TAG your outfits post to the Big Fat Summer Challenge and what you're wearing so I can add it to the Weekly Summaries. :)
If you want to check out all these amazing fashion blogs go to the top right tab "BFSC" and you'll find the list with them all!

If you want to join the Big Fat Summer Challenge it's not too late, just make sure you finish off wearing all the tings on the list before the 31st of July. For more info go to the "BFSC"-tab on the top right corner.

Thanks for reading and following AND for joining the fun in this challenge, the support is amazing, thank you!! :)



Anonymous said…
loving all of the looks! im inspired to try crop tops now lol
Tavia Mac said…
Yet again, another fabulous wrap-up for the week! I am I the only one have some real fun with this?!?

Lourdes said…
Love all of them...Love Masque Mag!!!

LA Lynn's said…
Awesome wrap-up!!!!! This is truly a FUN Challenge... hopefully I can get 1 or 2 more looks in before it's all over! Thanks for sharing!

LA Lynn's said…
I'm thoroughly enjoying it 2!!!!
Taylor Brione said…
You are so creative!! Everyone looks great in their photos, I'm inspired for the crop tops. It feels really cool to be included on the wrap up! This is great!
Ontheqtrain said…
I love this challenge. Ladies you all look great. I don't think I can complete all the different looks by July 31st, so I am doing this for the fun of it =)
socialitedreams said…
some super cute looks! i want that marilyn crop top and the pink one on q train! love love the looks
all of the ladies are lovely!! this is the most fun i've had with a challenge yet!

Miss Dre said…
I love all of these looks! And Jennifer you did such a great job with compiling all of the pics! All of these looks have really inspired me =)

Loving this challenge <3
Malene said…
You're doing such a great job hosting this challenge, Jennifer. I love these wrap ups.
ari said…
I love this! I'm in! Please add me to the list :)
Tiffany said…
wow they are all awesome!
Love it! Everyone is looking awesome. Shout out to Kelly Brown, she's killing it :-)

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Kristel Knows said…
Thanks for all your lovely comments <3 :D

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