BFSC weekly summary, week 2.

So it's week 2 of the Big Fat Summer Challenge and here is a weekly summary of everyone's outfit posted this week. Enjoy! ;)
I sat with this last night, putting everything together to be ready to be posted today, so to everyone that posted late last night or this morning don't you worry ;) you're outfits will be featured next week. Can't wait to see what more you'll all be wearing, this is so excited, you all look fabulous!

Lets all embrace our bodies and push ourselves to experiment with fashion this Summer!
and, Be inspired by these lovely ladies workin' it in summer clothes essentials, personal styles and seasonal trends.

You can find all these lovely ladies blog links in the top right "BFSC" page/tab. Be sure to check it out!
Keep up the good work girls! Love when you post updates on your Big Fat Summer Challenge outfits! When you do I always appreciate the link back to the challenge page/or my blog, thank you so much! *hearts* and when you post your chosen summer challenge outfit be sure to state that in the post just so I know ;) When I'm visiting your blog because I save all your pics and put this little summary together by the end of the week.

It is not too late to join if you want to! Go ahead, join the fun! The more the merrier! haha :D
You can find more details on the top right at the "BFSC" page/tab. Leave a comment if you want to join, all you have to do is basically complete all the outfits on the list before July 31st. 
A generous prize will also be given out to one lucky lady, that I feel have rocked it the most ;) (in every perspective) SO DRESS TO IMPRESS LADIES. ;)

Thanks again for being in the challenge, I can not express how excited I am that we're doing this together this summer and that so many has decided to join the fun.
Like said, can't wait to see what you all will be "checking" of the list this coming week.;)



Ticka said…
I love to see the recaps!! You are doing a great job keeping up with all of this! All of the ladies are looking FAB!
Tavia Mac said…
I agree with are doing a great job and all the ladies are WERKIN'!

Unknown said…
Yes these recaps are so much fun to look at!!!!
Unknown said…
All these ladies look great!!! I think I am gonna participate in on this BFSC...
Miss Dre said…
Everyone looks so fab!!!
Ontheqtrain said…
Yes I agree with everyone else this is such a great addition to your blog. I hope to be in recap 3 soon lol =)
Candyce Nicole said…
Everyone's looking fabulous!! I'm ready to join in this week!!
Unknown said…
I love this great recap!
these ladies look great!! i love the looks :-)


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