Blogs I love right now!

Three blogs I love right now, blogs that I think everybody that hasn't already have to check out! Bright, Fun, Chic and fashion forward! :) also, those Zara heels...LOVE! they looks so sleek and sexy, I want my own pair. :P haha.

Thanks for reading and followng *hearts* and don't forget to join my Big Fat Summer Challenge bellow! Just comment with your blog address and lets do this fun challenge together (challenge or not, lets do it as a group.) and there will be a prize for one lucky winner at the end. 
So happy we already have a few that are in on this, yay! ;) high five!


Amarachi said…
I love Kia!!.. I love the way she mixes her prints!

I'm definitely going to take a look at the other ladies!
Vivi N. said…
You picked out some great blogs. I follow all three of 'em already. They provide plenty of fashion inspiration.
Unknown said…
Thank you so much! I just adore your blog:-)
M I N G said…
checking them ouuut
Unknown said…
love all three blogs...why? cause they're awesome!!!!!

Ticka said…
All three of these ladies are on my list. Love them!

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